(ŠThe Ring 2004)

It all began just like a whisper on the wind, the silent echo of the past
The world is changing you can feel it everywhere, since the lost have been found
The cruel and evil spirits rising once again in the land of the doom
A golden circle is the key he awaits to put the world in a gloom

Hear out, hear out a promise was deceived
Beware, beware a warning was received
In his tower the dark lord is forging plans to fulfill
And if his will can be done his kingdom will come

Now fire and battles everywhere his spies and puppets cross the land
All free races have to answer to the threat and fight for their freedom
The missing pieces to this riddle must be found make this bane come undone
For those of knowledge signs would lead them on the way to break the spell they were under

Ride out, ride out follow the traces
Beware, beware bring light to dark places
Just remember when the end is near we must stand for the call
By the dawn that is rising his kingdom must fall

Beware, beware still after so much time
Get down, get down danger's all around
Evil forces is on the move his spirit raises to try
to claim what is his- but this Kingdom and tyrant must die