(©Sequester 2008)

Love, it kept her brave
An elven maiden who chose to stay
For she knows she'd live alone
Unless she followed his mortal soul
Men fight to save this land
As elves sail to the west
All hope is nearly lost
Courage put to the test
Foresee the future child
From the forgotten king
Steward your time has faded
When you set out don't be afraid
Take your task and carry on
And try to not lose sight of hope
Keep the ring close at hand
Though you can hide and be free of the light
Still you can't run away from the fallen nine

Walking through those evil lands
Hard to move and breathe
They've come here today
Morannon, last chance
Six thousand stand tall
The Nazgul leave the battle
The ring has faced the fires
Deep from within Mt. Doom
Sauron has been defeated