(©Rusty Reid 2000)

We left our home far behind us.
We are alone... all of us.
The adventure of the ages
draws us onward through the dust.
We are afraid, we are weary.
We have lost the trail of light.
As the darkness folds around us,
we dance with doubt throughout the night...

But the sun will rise again.
For at this journey's end
we'll pierce the mist and gloom
and face at last...the Cracks of Doom.

We have come through the valley.
We have run through the trees.
But a shadow is among us,
and it knows our every need.
The way ahead is filled with danger.
If we knew our final fate
would we abandon these pretensions
to pass through Mordor's gate.

We don't know the true strength of our hearts.
But faithless are they who would turn away in the dark.
The end is near, for good or ill it will bring the close to our quest,
the ultimate test of the Ring.

Aurė entuluva! (Day will come again!)