(©Heather Downing 2005)

Elda arwa ilya isseo
Elda, possessing all knowledge
Mammen naa melindo
Where is my lover?
An I malle naa quanta moore
For the path is full of darkness
Ar inya rucin nauvaaro vanwa mi lore
And I fear he will be lost in slumber

Inya ringa ar ista ve lome
I am cold and grey as nightfall
Mi hrive yassen tulu elen
In winter that comes without a star
Ea lemya estel ramen
Is there still hope for us?

Inya vainolė an naa melda
I quiver for my beloved
Ulca caita larta son
Evil lies in wait for him
Tultani apacenyė, nira wilioa
Send me a vision, will I sail away
I hiswa ciryanna, ar hehta valdė
Upon a grey ship, and forsake happiness?


La cirya lerta colni et orėrya
No ship can bear me from his heart
Lartan, lartan, lartan
I wait, I wait, I wait
I wait…