(©Perun 2003)

There were nine travellers-bearers of the master's
ring who were in hurry to come over the mountains
called HITH AEGLIR the only way through
those mountains were the mines of

That was an ancient subterranean kingdom of
dwarfs built thousand of years ago because of the
first findings of the precious metal

Not long ago- there have been heavy fights
between the dwarfs and the dark forces from

When those nine men came to Moria
they saw a big half-burnt book in an enormous
dark passage the mighty wizard
(the servant of the secret fire)- read it

In the farness they heard booming
it sounded like drums and trumpets
it was a sudden attack of the devotees
of the master SAURON

They were attacked by the creatures-
ORCS- very aggressive anxious the humans blood
TROLLS- bigger, stronger and much more deft
trained by the orcs

The bearers of the master's ring were running
away and searching the light of hope which
would show them the way out of the
subterranean dark passage

At the end of path of Moria they were
attacked by BALROG- mighty warrior
he was toll like a dragon
he had a whip and a fire- sword

The only person who could fight with him
was the great wizard
the other from the group had run
over the bridge but the wizard had stayed

They hit at once and their swords broke
the mighty wizard had crashed the
ground of the bridge at last

The bridge had collapsed and Balrog fell in abyss
while he was falling he suddenly seized the wizard
and they both fell in a deep deep abyss