(©Ottawa 1994)

Westu Théoden hál! I have returned. The storm comes swiftly, and it is time for all friends to gather together.

Lifted, impaled groundward.
Now stained with the blood of the mark.
Come not between me and my prey or I will slay thee in turn.
Beared away beyond darkness, left naked to the Lidless Eye.

The winged screamed but made no answer, as if in sudden doubt.
Amazement conquered, Theoden fallen; mind flashed memory of face.
No living man - shall hinder me.
Slender child of kings, Maiden of the Rohirrim.
Wing-shape crashed to ruin, it was Eowyn that slayed him.

The opening words are taken from Gandalf's greeting of Théoden in the Ralph Bakshi animated LotR movie. The third line of the first stanza ("...or I will slay thee in turn") appears to be influenced by the Rankin-Bass animated RotK version of this scene. (Tolkien has the Lord of the Nazgûl threaten not to slay Éowyn if she does not stand aside.) The song is followed by a sampling of narration and song from the Rankin-Bass animated movie of The Hobbit.