(©Osculum Infame 1996)

In the malignant spirit of Sauron the Damned
Were born the sabulous Rings of Power
Their work of domination started when Ancient Kings,
Warriors and Wizards –
Perverted by glory and power
Became the slave of the Lord of the Ring:
Spectral were their appearances
As though mere shadows in darkness…

Nazgūl, damned souls of the tenebrous Lord…
The Night walks with them:
Death howls from their mouths
Knights of Chaos, riding obscure dragons…
Horrifying apparitions led by the madness
Of the Prince of Barad-Dūr

With a blind devotion
The Army of Mordor gathered about
The sinister towers of Minas Morgul
A cursed fortress for the Black Ghosts;
Where forbidden sorcery is practiced.
The beginning of War, marching
To an epic battle against golden armour:
The Chronicle of the Infinite Quest