(ŠOrange Goblin 1997)

Take my hand through this land.
Walk with me, see what I see.
Close your eyes and realize.
Taste your dream, the world is not as it seems.

Welcome to a land of dreams
where we search the passage of time.
Experience the legends that live
and feel the passion of the spirits rise.

So peaceful here the angels lend an ear
In the wake of a new day we fly
Descending we reach a new horizon
As we reach to touch the deep red sky
We touch the deep red sky

Descending from a blinding glaze
As darkness looms beyond the frozen haze
As midnight strikes the wizards rise
As sorcery opposes their demise and they ride

Blackest clouds and darkest skies
Burning stars like fiery eyes
Glowing seas and electric trees
Angelic sounds amidst the breeze

The keeper standing at the gates
For the rise of the evil force he waits
A dragon swirling overhead
He's got a coat of green and eyes of red

While there are no explicit Tolkienian references in this song, it is worth noting that it is immediately preceded by an instrumental piece entitled LOTHLORIAN. In that context, the title of this song might be viewed as a quite conscious extension of the thematic associations of Tolkien's Lórien (which, after all, means "Land of Dearms").

Time Travelling Blues & Frequencies From Planet 10 (CD 2002) [Remastered]