(ŠOlde Growth 2010)

I. Cry of the Nazgul

Listen you can hear the sounds, the screams of the wraiths
Beating blackened wings against the air
circle like vultures o're the kill

War declared on all creatures and beasts
Against the trees that set their roots down in the soil

Ambush of the orcs, take up our swords
Their blackened blood will stain the ground!

Beware of the snake that bears no fangs
Follow into the spider's lair

II. The Second Darkness

Forces of darkness amass, legions of doom await
Battle wil rage, heads will roll
Rivers of blood will flow through the land
Fight for the future, fight for valor, for peace!
Shrouded in darkness, the light burns on

Great beasts charging, clouds of fire
Spineless cowards fleeing the burning eye

Vengeance, thirsty for blood
Darkness envelopes the Earth!

III. To the Black Gate

Heir to the throne, take up your sword
Put your helmet on and answer the call

Holy sons of old, lead the battle cry
Wield your brazen bows and let the arrows fly!

The paths of the dead come alive tonight
Men of the mountains, fulfill your oath to release your soul

Brothers of creation, raise your bloodied arms
Stand up to the shadow, singing a victor's song!

Blackened clouds stretch across the sky
To the black gate, see you on the other side!