(©Michal Kára 2012)

Broken reeds were dragged this way long ago,
Bound hands and flower wreathed hair,
Bare feet softly caressing rough ground,
Thinking only of love.

Hot blood was spilt on a broad ancient oak tree,
Dousing the light of two stars,
Yet life shall be sheltered by its deepest roots,
Still thinking only of love.

There once was a lady as serene as foam,
Wind gently tousling her hair,
Barefoot and undressed, veiled in her own tears,
Through the woods she ran and ran.

There once was a lady as pale as a beech,
Bark ripped to shreds by the storm,
Sap trickling from deep wounds of branches torn,
Through the woods she ran and ran.

Ref: Túrin Turambar,
Niënor Níniel,
Killed Glaurung,
Died alone.
Túrin Turambar,
Niënor Níniel,
Dagnir Glaurunga.

Red is the grass on the banks of the Teiglin,
Wild wind has tangled my hair,
I must now die for love, faithful and fruitful,
Why is our cursed fate so cruel?

Twice I have loved you and twice I shall lose you,
And twice I shall set you free,
For two souls in one body I shall shorten,
The curse we were fated with.


Maelstroms are turning and water is rushing,
Mire is settling in my soul,
Oh love, why were we so afraid of our curse,
Thus our fear determined our fate.

Like the brightest Western star were you standing,
Mighty as the great elven king,
And now here I stand and invoke this river,
To join its current forever.


I shall end this curse and heal that deep black wound,
I’ll leap and drown my despair,
I am glad you are not alive to witness,
The Dark One’s grand revenge.


A Túrin Turambar,
Turun ambartanen,
Dagnir Glaurunga.

A Túrin Turambar,
Turun ambartanen,
Dagnir Glaurunga.

This is the English translation. The song in its Czech original can be found on the video website.