(ŠKeir Neuringer 1998)


Artist Comment: "Ungoliant" is a chamber concerto for 14 instruments (flute/oboe/clarinet/bassoon/trombone/tuba/percussion(2 players)/piano/2 violins/viola/'cello/bass), with a concertante part for the trombone, of 20 minutes duration. I composed it in 1998 for the trombonist Ryan Zawel. It was performed twice in 1999, at northwestern university in march, and at ithaca college in april. It has not been published or performed since. It is not directly programmatic (i.e. the piece is not 'about' Ungoliant, nor does the music follow her story) but I gave it the title because the music and the story have similar characteristics - the music, like the spider, hungers for light and hates it, has monstrous form, and devours itself in the end...