(ęTupper Saussy 1969)


Artist Comment: "A NATIONAL ANTHEM FOR RENT TO EMERGING NATIONS: For the time being, we have assigned all rights to this work to Tolkien's land of shadows and darkness, and have duly entitled it The Mordor National Anthem. Gant and I think it is a good national anthem because the 'da-da-da-dum-de-dum' phrase is a natural for 'God bless Tanzania,' or any other four-syllable nation. Three-syllable nations can be nearly equally well accommodated by prefixing the possessive 'our,' as in 'God bless Our Paraguay.' Inquiries from one- or two-syllable nations will be advised to accept 'God bless Our Fatherland' as substitute for name proper. (If this is objectionable, the name can come further down in the anthem.) We haven't thought much about collegiate alma maters, as Cornell seems to have cornered that market. Gant mentioned that America has four syllables and would really fit perfectly. But I sort of like the Star Spangled Banner. Sort of."