(©Neldoreth 2001)

"the hateful night passes slowly and reluctantly.
such daylight as followed was dim;
for here as the mountain drew near the air was every mirky.
while out from the Dark Tower there crept the veils of shadow
that Sauron wove about himself"

here are arrived, in the most dangerous place of all Middle-earth:
Mount Doom.

hey friend,
we've been doing a long way since then,
to arrive in this damned place,
where there isn't a living soul,
with the exception of this scursed Orcs!

bundle is getting heavier;
to get rid of it for ever,
we've to reach the mount's top
and to throw it into the red hot lava
so we will to pass furtively
by infested with Orcs Cirith Ungol's tower
and to go on down the path which lead Mount Doom.
once arrived on top and,
once thrown the ring into the lava,
the evil's power disappeared
and Sauron fell into the deepest abysses of darkness.