(ŠNeithan 2007)

black metal is the open wound
that bleeds inside my principles

cruel inspirations from suicide
voices crawling in my thoughts
controlling my complete mentality
liberating my inborn roots of self-destruction

bleak impressions of negation
symbol for the abyss of futility

these facts of darkness deep inside
dominating my identity
on the edge of existence
I'm expressing my feeling
towards the bleeding of being

grim idea of liberation
symbol for the path of tragic freedom

all my blood and skin I've shed
to sacrifice all aims and meanings
with negations in my soul
I lay my curse on life

from depression to aggression
oppressed emotions reveal themselves
I'm opening all scars I have
and follow this absurd way beyond good and evil

dark philosophy of absurdity
symbol for my hate and immorality

Neithan is the bleeding wound defining my identity