(©Mystirium 2008)

From the end of First Age of the bloody ancient days
Their land was destroyed in the War against Morgoth
(Amdir) the leader of the people of Lothlorien
That he was the Silvan the warrior of the night Elves

The Elves of Lothlorien encountered Galadriel
Who was then living in Eregion
On the other side of the Misty Mountains
Amdir responded to a summons from Gil-galad

To join the fight against the evil eye of Sauron
At the battle of Khazad-dum
Amdir's forces were valiant
But they were poorly equipped for battle
At the Battle of Dagorlad
They were cut off from their allies
And were driven into the marshland west
Of the Black Gate of moria in the other side of Dark

Amdir and more than half his darken troops
Were killed in the dark land of mountdoom
The marshland became known as the Dead Marshes
because of the corpses of Elves and Orcs
Sauron was defeated in 3441
Amroth the son of Amdir become the King
Of Lothlorien on a hill that came to be called (Cerin Amroth)

Thy used the power of the Necromancer that let them to built the stronghold of
(Dol Guldur) across the Anduin from Lothlorien
Beneath the mountains Of Khazad-dum

They searching for the evil Of Moria
The power of the night elves transferred them
To the dark from the Fangorn Forest
It's the dark age of Lothlorien

Artist Comment: "We thank (The Thain's Book) to help us about this story and some of this lyrics."