(©Mordoroth 2010)

Dead leaves fall
With the sun and its fading light
Faith fails all
Men of twelve fighting for their lives
Morgoth roars
Sending Sauron to find them all
Axe and sword
Evil march into war
At night, beasts of the darkest flame
Walks the earth, marching to the drum of war
To find the land, that long laid untamed
And the path, that none have treaded before
Even in the wildest wild, evil will find…
Nowhere can you hide, from the lord of darkness eyes
Eyes search wide
black birds his airborne spies
bloodthirsty wolves
in the cover of shadow moves
dead or alive
have Sauron's hunters found his wife
doubtful mind
does she await him to arrive
Light, shines through a windowpane
And within, a female worn with grief
Eilinel, stands there bleak and pale
As Gorlim screams her image fades
Now ensnared by enemy, nothing he told
Hidden still in secrecy, the untamed land of old
Face to face with burning eyes, and Sauron's smile
Gorlim wanted Eilinel, or nothing would he tell
So shall it be, a life for a life, a small price,
for so great a treachery
For you see, by wizardry, alive she seemed,
now you will meet, death sets you free
the lair of men was now revealed
at break of dawn
Orcs arrived to slay them all
Blood runs red
Swords cut through unarmed flesh
Sun turned dead
arrows pierced through helmless heads
Beren, son of Barahir
was sent to spy, on the enemy
Then a wraith, across the water came
And Gorlim spoke, of his treachery
a cairn of stones he rose, and oath he swore
that the lord of Men, didn't die in vain
Vengeance sworn
Pursuing them to Rivil's Well
glory of war
a souvenir was held up high
a human hand
that bore a ring he knew so well
of elven kind
a gift from Felagund to Barahir
Surprise, Beren attacked their chief
Slit his throat and restored the ring
And in the dark, he fled far away
Dorthonion, was soiled with Morgoth's rage
In solitude the years passed by, desolate and harsh
Climbing into Doriath, the Hidden Kingdoms path