(lyrics & music by James Babbo 2000 Middle Pillar)

Walking home through the forest
A young man, just & true
Lost the way that he knew
He looked to the skies for guidance
But the stars were not aligned to his memory's design

Just then all around fell silent
As if insect & beast had disappeared suddenly
A song reached his ears through the greenery
& beckoned his heart with a yearning
so pure & true

Wont you come to me?

His eyes overflowed with her beauty
Dripping on down, like honey from cones
A woman enclothed in sheer rays of moon
& floated above a pool of blue waters

He asked for her name, unshaken
For he needed a claim to stake on this waking dream
She parted her lips, expelled a breath
& whispered one word which was all that he heard

Wont you come to me?
& let my heart embrace you this night?
Wont you come to me?
I've searched forever to find you this night
Wont you come to me?

Then thunder crashed over the lover's sweet slumber
Crescendo awakened & brought them to their feet
The gods stood there in judgement with fury in their countenance
Condemning this tryst . . . to her alone

How dare you take this mortal to your bed?
A blasphemy brought upon you, we will surely see you dead
The fairy pleaded vainly with love as her impetus
Which fell on deaf ears & brought the man to tears
...while she died

The man held his love in his trembling arms
& cursed at the gods who turned on their heels
He screamed, "She'll be mine in the other world!
"By ending my life & joining her side!

"Before I am cold Death wont let me wait
"My soul, pure of heart, wont deny me the gate!"
The eldest of gods then noticed him
& focused his gaze he spoke through the haze of tears.

The undying man (Wont you come to me?)
The undying man (& let my heart embrace you this night?)
The undying man (Wont you come to me?)
The undying man (I'll wait forever to have you this night)

Artist Comment: "The Undying Man is indeed inspired by Beren & Tinuviel. The song is more of a cross between the Tolkien poem & Murder Ballads from Nick Cave which I was listening to intently at the time. I wanted to write my own "murder ballad" & used the poem as an inspiration but with a twist of immortality as a curse. Perhaps a little of the immortal story in the Sandman comic also crept in."