(©Lothlöryen 2003)

Into the eyes of dawn
The dark silence of the land
Take me end of storm
And me just insane

Waiting for the time
The time will never be the same
Lost in other life
And me just me

Follow the line of nevermore
To come the center of it all

Back to eternity
A place beyond my mind
I will find myself
So I'll go

Like another fairytale
Cause I see beyond the light
That keeps the answers
Lost in space and time

Into this light there's a dark
Grey hole of hopes

To where I'll go
To realize my frozen dreams that
I lost in time
Fly to the land to dragon's den
Cause one day I'll meet you
There and back again

In darkness I'll meet you
Together carry on
To out of oblivion
Till dark night of my soul

We'll fly high to the kingdom of Freedom
Yes we can fly
So try to understand that we'll return