(©Lords of the Stone 1992)

Nothing else was to be seen, the Dale
All around was empty
A Shadow, that crept down, slowly
From the Wizard's Vale
All that was strong, now proves unsure
How, can I with stand such numbers, and
Such reckless Hate?
Wise One, will you, decide my Fate?
Each Step, each Mile, each Day
Was more bitter than the one before
A burden on my Body, a torment to my Mind
This is the Price, I have to pay.
The Day of Doom, final effort, or disaster
The Dark Slopes of Mount Doom
Towering high, above us.
Deep Breath, enough Strength
Rising Black, the Iron Crown
The Eye was not turned to us
A terrible Thing, on the Edge, of the Abyss
Fighting, with an unseen Foe.
White Fangs gleamed as they bit.
The Ring shone, like Living Fire
A Finger still within
My Precious……
One Step too far, toppled then he fell
Out of the Depths, came his last Wail

Lyrics adapted from a number of places in LotR. First verse: Chapter 8, Book 3 of The Two Towers ("The Road to Isengard"); second verse: Chapter 7, Book 3 ("Helm's Deep") and Chapter 10, Book 3 ("The Voice of Saruman") of the The Two Towers and Chapter 3, Book 6 of The Return of the King ("Mount Doom"); the rest are also based on this last chapter.

DSFA 5 Resurrection Of Reality (CD 1992)