(İRonald D. Blankenship/Mikol Kramer 2010)

In the days of old,under trees of gold,
I can hear the river flowing.
For the lady's woods,have that magical air,
that keeps us all from knowing.
The secret!----
Mirror of the land,can lend a helping hand,
but try not to fall inside it.
Elven hearts rest here,their end so very near,
nifferdill ly all around them.
In the land of Lorien!---

King celeborne dwells here,but only till the fourth age!!
Because the halflings will shall fade the evil power!!
Our ways and weariness will soon be all forgotten,
when the dawning of man has taken all control!!.---

Our sweet time has come ,for leaving Lorien'--
Ooooh---starship destiny,---
Sailing on through seas,--we're now a mystery,---
what was---shall never be!!-----
In the land of Lorien'.------

Artist Comment: "Loth'lorien is the second song from the trilogy, we wrote.It was written in 1979,we were on a Lord Of The Rings roll.Mikol wrote the lyrics , and he sung to me the melody , and I wrote the music , and arranged the song. Shortly after Mikol added the glockenspiel for a magical touch."