(©Robert Kurdybacha 2008)

0'00: emptiness

2'03: "he made first the Ainur (...)he spoke to them, propounding to them themes of music; and they sang before him"

9'54: "illuvatar called together all the Ainur" - this part should play corni but they failed. This is first important mistake made by conductor.

11'40 :" and declared to them a moghty theme"

15'23: "then voices of the Ainur (...) began to fashion the theme of Iluvatar to a great music.

16'25: "Some of these thoughts he (melkor) now wove into his music, and straightway discord arose about him"

18'06 :"then iluvatar arose (...) and a new theme began amid the storm" - i am going to change this second theme because i dont't like it.

20'20: but the discord of Melkor rose in uproar"

ca 22'30 "a third theme grew amid the confusion (...) it seemed at first soft and sweet" - it should be play in two parallel parts: 1. wide theme- sad and quiet, 2. rhytmic, sharp disonances- it should be play exactly in one tempo but this performance is slower and slower and that two parts are unclear

26'33 "Iluvatar arose (...) and in one chord (...) the Music ceased"