(İKraft 2003)

in the dark times
he was born
son of a king
of a dark fate

mourning and sadness
the pain of loss
since the beginning
his life was damned

adoptive son of a king
his thousand caves his home
learn the wisdom of the Eldar
and the strength of the gods

but no power can stop
the march of destiny
and his was sorrow
and hate

his deeds was chanted
by death and revenge
but the tragedy awaited
and death he brings

"black sword, serve me
as you did before
for you are now mine
to kill for me"

armies fall beneath his feet
killer of dragons
ruler of all
but sorrow will not leave
and finally when love came
impossible was it
from death, death came
taking his own life:
"black sword take me
as you taked those all
will you?"
and so there he died
when all hope was lost
when the night descends
and evil prevails...