(©Mattis Sørum 2000)

Losses, faiths and victories

In through the gate the enemy ran
Death in their eyes, controlled by the Will
The dark is laid in front of the sun
Our hope decreases by watching this land

Thousands of thousands have died on the field
Fighting for freedom, defending their rights, I hear
cries in the wind, of sorrow and hate
A man who's met his fate

Something's in the air, surrounds us, brings death
Brings dark to our mind, controlling our breath
Lost our will to fight, lost our will to live
What end will this tragedy give?
Black fear, deadly, the man lays down
Spreading panic, confusement to all that grow
The king looks up, sees a black crown, then falls to the ground

Suddenly the sky breaks
Light's flowing through
Finally the wind changes
Faith raises, we're new
The enemy stops and look
Couldn't believe what they saw
Realized their day had come
To pay for their sins against the world