(ŠEmperor Norduk 1996)

Darkness envelops the party of humans, Dwarves, Elves and Hobbits as they enter into the Mines of Moria.

Through shadowed tunnels and up stairways of chiselled stone, they travel where the ancient Dwarf-kings once came.

Flipping back through the pages of time, the crimson curtain is pulled back, and we see a group of Dwarven settlers in the great chamber of the mountain pass.

Behold the hordes of Orcs returning to their homes and smash all the belongings of the ones who were once there. The blood froze onto the hard, cold floor to feed the ravenous Balrog, the black demon of chaos.

We close the crimson curtain and return to the present. Once again the fate has come to the company of travellers who have come to the cold of blackness, but the mighty wizard Gandalf, Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the Mighty, is there to aid to fight.

The bridge over the eternal abyss falls just as the Company of the Ring passes over.

"Go! Save yourselves!" yells Gandalf, and he turns back to the [....] face Balrog, wing-unfolding, fire spewing out of his mouth. He faces the wizard, and the blood before the battle begins!

Into the Mines of Moria!

Later it is learned that Gandalf is not dead, but alive. Pass through the tunnels, the demon floating endlessly into the black pit the Balrog had pulled him into.

And arise from the ashes came Gandlaf - not the Grey, but Gandalf the White, his power renewed, his sorcery replenished. On to Mount Doom! On to the Doom of the Ring!